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Recent Papers

Reduce – recycle – rethink: ideas for more sustainable footwear production
-May 2022
The issue of sustainability increasingly impacts the footwear industry. Innovative technology can be a game-changer for minimizing the carbon footprint of footwear production.
  • recycling
  • sustainability
  • resource-saving
  • automation
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Footwear production of the future: smart, digital and close to the consumer
-March 2022
Innovative technologies, such as automation, the use of robots, digitisation and order-driven production processes, can help ease the challenges faced by the international footwear industry.
  • speed2market
  • design4manufacturing
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Sensorüberwachter Zustand von ausfallkritischen Komponenten einer Einspritzeinheit
-December 2021
Neueste Erkentnisse aus dem BMBF-Verbundvorhaben „LongLife“ einem Teil der Fördermaßnahme „Ressourceneffiziente Kreislaufwirtschaft – Innovative Produktkreisläufe“ (ReziProK).
  • language: german
  • process reliability
  • sustainability
  • big data
  • maintenance
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Footwear production through the ages
-June 2021
New materials and manufacturing processes define the course of international footwear production – Globalisation and digitisation provide opportunities for both service providers and manufacturers – Sustainability becomes increasingly important
  • direct soling
  • sustainability
  • history
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Robots Don’t Have to Self-isolate
-February 2021
Post-pandemic footwear production: how robots, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and order-driven production processes can make the industry more crisis-resistant
  • robotics
  • covid19
  • automation
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